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Sunday, 29/05/2022

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Kuala Nerus, 29 Mei 2022 – Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) implemented the concept of sustainable Aidilfitri during the celebration of the event today, whereby attendees were required to bring their own plate, cup, and spoon, but not made of polystyrene. This was done as part of UMT’s Save the Earth campaign.

The concept was implemented to create an awareness among UMT community of the importance of preserving the environment, which can be done through reducing the use of polystyrene or plastic containers that can destroy the ecosystem and threaten marine lives.  

Implementing the concept is one of the ways people can play their role for the benefit of the environment, said UMT Vice Chancellor Professor Dato’ Dr. Mazlan Abd Ghaffar.

“By making small changes in our everyday life, we can help create a country that is greener and more sustainable for the next generations,” he said.

One of the long-term effects of using plastic, which is non-biodegradable, is the soil will become acidic and therefore unsuitable for farming, he added.

“Bringing own food containers is also inline with the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) awareness campaign that aims to reduce the production of waste including plastic,” Professor Mazlan said.

Meanwhile, UMT’s Association of Administrators and Professionals (PERENTAS) showed its support towards the concept by sponsoring food containers for the event. The stackable containers were distributed among UMT staff by PERENTAS secretary general Tuan Mohd Najwa Fuad Tuan Man.

He said the contribution was a form of support from the association towards UMT’s effort to celebrate the month of Syawal while conserving the environmental sustainability.

The event carrying the theme Raya Keluarga Malaysia@UMT also invited 54 orphans from the surrounding area and from Darul Akhyar Orphan and Poor Children Welfare Association. They received Raya money, which was presented by Professor Mazlan.

The event that was attended by more than 2000 comprising UMT community and invited guests was made merrier with various activities including Raya poster competition, stall decoration competition, and best attire.  

The event was a welcomed change for UMT community after its two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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