When was UMT first established?

UMT is Malaysia's 14th public university and was established on 1 July 2001. The main focus of teaching and research at UMT is in the field of marine science, as befits its motto of OCEANS OF DISCOVERIES, FOR GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY.


Where is UMT?

UMT is in the district of Kuala Nerus. The campus is strategically located nearby Tok Jembal Beach, Kuala Terengganu, which is in the Industrial Zone of Gong Badak and the Educational Zone of the state of Terengganu Darul Iman. UMT is approximately 25km from the city of Kuala Terengganu and 3km from Sultan Mahmud International Airport, Kuala Terengganu.


What are UMT's educational objectives as pertains its students?

UMT was established with the view of becoming a leader in the fields of science, technology and the management of natural resources through the generation of excellent education and research. Other objectives are:

  1. Pioneering discoveries in all fields related to Science, Technology and the Management of Natural Resources through research.
  2. Providing the latest facilities (laboratories, library, computer support and environment) to support the development of knowledge, learning and scholarship.
  3. Offering excellent educational programs to fulfill current and future needs.
  4. Producing responsible, knowledgeable, confident and skilledpressive graduates.
  5. Playing an active role in social development, economy and education through services to the local community and  that of the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.


What basic facilities are provided at UMT?

UMT provides varsity level infrastructure, such as student hostels, a library, a student health centre, a student recreational centre, halls, lecture halls, laboratories, cafeterias, and sports and recreational facilities.


What courses are offered at UMT?

UMT now offers Diplomas, Undergraduate and Post-graduate courses. UMT is the only university in Malaysia that currently offers a Diploma and a Bachelor's Degree in Fisheries.


How does UMT handle student affairs?

Generally, all student affairs are handled by the Office of Student Affairs and Alumni. Students intake is handled by the Department of Academic Management, Registrar Office. 


Does UMT offer postgraduate studies?

Yes. For further information about postgraduate studies, please refer the Graduate School website.


What are the major languages used at UMT?

UMT uses both Malay and English.


Who should I contact for further information?